Walking Sticks, Hiking Staves
Custom Commission Cicada Stick
Bronze  Cicada Walking Stick by Deran Wright

The PantherCity

Walking Stick

The Sleeping Panther of Fort Worth on a stick!

Tree Frog Stick

The Nevermore Stick

An homage to E.A.Poe,

and the best way to tap on

someone's window...

 Frog  Walking Stick

Dragonfly Girl

A re-imagining of a cane-handle made by Lalique for the last Tsar. Originally in platinum, gold, and silver. (This one is bronze.)

Combining two things I like... what's could be better?  I collect and make walking sticks and hiking staves, and have for years.  Now I am adding custom walking sticks, and hiking staves to my repertoire.

Each will feature a cast bronze handle, or staff head.  Sticks will vary, of course, because they're... sticks. But each will feature a fine art sculptural handle by Deran Wright. Or you may purchase just the bronze and fit it to your own stick of choice. Bronze heads only... $350

Early sticks - not for sale
One of a kind stick for Holt Rinehart & Winston... mounted on an octagonal mesquite stick
A sea monster head, reproduced from an antique recovered from the bottom of the ocean floor.

This snake stick was hand carved from a solid oak limb found in Arkansas when I was around 14-15 years of age. This is the first stick I ever made.

© 2020 by Deran Wright. All rights reserved.

Tsar's Dragonfly Girl Stick

Tsar's Bronze Dragonflygirl Walking Stick $650