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Deran Wright

Blue Heron of Founder's Park, North Richland Hills

There is a great blue heron that has lived inside the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens for years. Very elusive, and hard to spot for some, it never fails to appear when I visit, and sometimes seems even to follow me as I wander through the sculptured gardens.
Watching this elegant bird, standing as still as a twilight blue statue among the reeds, I have often been captivated, waiting for the inevitable blurred explosion of motion as it takes flight and glides across the park.
The spirit of this particular heron was on my mind as I created the larger than life bronze 'Great Blue Heron' for Founder's Park in North Richland Hills, Texas.
Where this sculpture now rests, nestled amidst a naturalistic area of native tall grasses, even at close range it is easily mistaken for a living heron, immobile, but alert. It was designed to captivate the viewer.

A blue heron in flight
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