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Deran Wright

Animals in bronze

The creatures that share our planet with us can be rendered in bronze realistically, or adapted as stylized decorative elements in an architectural setting.
Many animals communicate strong symbolic messages when incorporated into a landscape.

Winged Creatures

Katie - Airedale Terrier

Bald Eagle in bronze by Deran Wright

The Sleeping Panther of Fort Worth

The Sleeping Panther of Fort Worth by Deran Wright

Streamlined Buffalo

The Beavers of Hometown

Samantha - West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier Bronze sculpture

Decorative Lion Fountains

Bronze lion fountain
Bronze lion head waterspouts

The Melancholy Frog

Dancing Elephant

Cane Handles

A bronze treefrog cane head
A Frog cane top
A bronze Owl cane head
Dancing elephant sculpture

Watchful Gaze - Badge of Honor

English Bulldog sculpture

English Bulldog - private commission

Cat asleep in a 4 poster bed

Kitty Dreams

Gordon Setter

Dance of the Deep

Bronze Horned Toad

Horned Toad

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