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The cover of 'The Shooting of DanMcGrew' by Robert Service, illustrated by Deran Wright

The Shooting of Dan McGrew

Join in with the 'boys whooping it up in the Malamute Saloon', until the fun is over, and the shooting begins. 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew', Robert Service's classic adventure poem of the far north comes to life in this illustrated edition by noted artist Deran Wright.

$16 on Amazon

The cover of 'A Line on Fort Worth' a book of pen and ink illustrations of Fort Worth by Deran Wright

A Line on Fort Worth
Illustrations by Deran Wright
of Interesting sites and architectural details of historic Fort Worth, Texas.
With an introduction by John Roberts
$18.48 on Amazon

The cover of 'Howie and the Alien' a book by Charles Deran Wright

Howie and the Alien

Howie Bernsen is a shy, intelligent, solitary boy who lives on an interplanetary merchant ship. Misunderstood, with few or no friends, he spends his days talking to the ship's computer and exploring the ship. His life is changed forever when he stumbles across a strange object in a ventilation duct... and he is thrust into a high stakes game of interstellar political intrigue, where nasty surprises are in store for everyone...

$8.50 on Amazon

Cover of 'The Legend of the Sleeping Panther of Fort Worth', by Dink Starns, Illustrated by Deran Wright

The Legend of the Sleeping Panther

of Fort Worth

by Dink Starns

with illustrations by Deran Wright

$9.99 on Amazon

The cover of 'The Hook Files' a spy novel by Charles Deran Wright

The Hook Files
Kennings Hook carries on the family business... as a covert agent of the mysterious 'Company'. But his retired parents are always too ready to come to his aid, whether he needs it or not!
$12.95 on Amazon

The cover of 'The Warlock Vendetta', a book by Charles Deran Wright

The Warlock Vendetta

Locked in a duel to the death, across time and the Southwest. Two powerful warlocks, trapped in an ill-fated cycle of violence and hate, while the humans and creatures around them struggle to survive.

$7.99 on Amazon

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