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Frolicking Pixies                                                  by Deran Wright

Take a walk through beautiful, shady Prather Park and you will eventually come across these 6 frolicking pixies. Three of them are dancing with 2 of them playing horns. One is riding a huge tortoise and wearing a lobster necklace. One is taking a nap an the other is sitting on a toadstool contemplating pixie life.

These pixies were a gift to the town of Highland Park by the Harlan Crow family in the summer of 1998.

Carefree Pixie by Deran Wright
Thinking Pixie by Deran Wright
Fiddling Pixie by Deran Wright
Turtle rider Pixie by Deran Wright
Fairy Tag by Deran Wright

One of the designs submitted to the client on this project was 'Fairy Tag', which was deemed too risque for a public park.


The 'Frolicking Pixies' were subsequently created 45" tall, while 'Fairy Tag' measures 9.5" tall at the highest point.

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