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Deran Wright

Figurative Work

The human figure is the ultimate challenge for any sculptor.

A Blustery Day

A sculpture with three elements... a young woman, her dog, and a strong gust of wind. This piece gets lots of neighborhood interaction, and gets decorated for the season.

Apollos  Smith
Namesake of Paul Smith's College of the Adirondacks

Azle Firestation # 52
Dedicated to those that serve the City of Azle, Texas

Children's Medical Center 100th

A sculpture dedicated to the dedicated Doctors and Nurses of the 1920s

The Greek Goddess of the dawn greeting the sunrise

Davey O'Brien Award

  Jason Witten Award

Nat Moore Trophy

The Nat Moore Trophy


Caroline by Deran Wright

Harry Fisher IBEW Founder

Harry Fisher IBEW
A bronze Eagle Scout
Father of Aerobics, a tribute to Kenneth Cooper

Le Morte de Arthur by Deran Wright

Minuteman after Henry Kitson*

King Arthur sculpture by Deran Wright
Minuteman sculpture
Bronze portrait plaque
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