Custom Commission Cicada Stick
Bronze  Cicada Walking Stick by Deran Wright
Tree Frog Stick
 Frog Stick

The Nevermore Stick

Combining two things I like... what's could be better?  I collect and make walking sticks and hiking staves, and have for years.  Now I am adding custom walking sticks, and hiking staves to my repertoire.

Each will feature a cast bronze handle, or staff head.  Sticks will vary, of course, because they're... sticks. Or you may purchase just the bronze and fit it to your own stick of choice.

Early sticks - not for sale
One of a kind stick for Holt Rinehart & Winston... mounted on an octagonal mesquite stick
A sea monster head, reproduced from an antique recovered from the bottom of the ocean floor.

This snake stick was hand carved from a solid oak limb found in Arkansas when I was around 14-15 years of age. This is the first stick I ever made.

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