A Gallery of  Curious Illustrations

by Deran Wright

Edgar Allen Poe at work by Deran Wright
the Alchemist by Deran Wright
A Line on Fort Worth

'A Line on Fort Worth'

A book of illustrations of Fort Worth

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Batman and the Joker 1947 by Deran Wright
FW Texas & Pacific Architectural detail
Sigmund Freud - Deran Wright
The Mysterious Box - Deran Wright
The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Sally Rand, bubble dancer by Deran Wright
Texas Rattlesnake by Deran Wright
Skull of Spades by Deran Wright
Rubber Ducks
Nude w/ Engine
Oak desk chair
Texan Motor Car by Deran Wright
The Grim Reaper
Dragon Claw
Beckwith Organ
A matter of Time
Esterbrook nib
Queen of Hearts by Deran Wright
Perseus and Medusa
Book illustration "The Dragon and the Princess"
"D" from the Dragon Alphabet
Charon, the Ferryman
The Princess & The Dragon by Deran Wright
Ladybug by Deran Wright
"Whar the Panther Laid Down" by D Wright
'Banvil' from "The Dragon and the Princess"
Old Wagon
St Mark's horse
Pandora's box - Deran Wright
Octopus, Dance of the Deep by Deran Wright
Architectural scrollwork
Malamut Saloon - Deran Wright

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