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The Minotaur                          an Award Winning Sculpture by Deran Wright

Minotaur! is a lost wax cast bronze on a two tier black granite base. Limited edition size of 41.

Winner of the Tallix Award at the National Sculpture Society's 71st

Annual Exhibition.


$5,400. usd

shipping and handling not included

11" x 10.5" x 7.5"    24lbs

The Minotaur! bronze sculpture by Deran Wright
Minotaur bronze sculpture rear
What is this doing in my Labrynth?
The Minotaur sculpture by Deran Wright
Minotaur sculpture by Deran Wright

The Minotaur has been imprisoned in the darkness of the labyrinth for many years.  But when it was young, before it was captured, it was free to roam the Cretan countryside.

When the doomed captives are thrust into the labyrinth, they are fair, clean and garlanded with sweet smelling flowers.

Stumbling across one of these blooms in the utter darkness, inhaling its fragrance, does the Minotaur recall the warmth and brightness of the sun? The beauty of the meadows he once prowled...?

Or does it just think "Ah, lunch is served?"

The Minotaur! A creature to scare children with, one of the ultimate villains of Greek mythology, lurking at the center of an inescapable labyrinth, waiting to devour all trespassers. But looking deeper into the story, you might realize that the Minotaur is also a victim, a tragic figure created by a capricious and vengeful god.

Irritated by a perceived insult from Minos, the king of Crete, the Greek god Poseidon set into motion a chain of events that led to the birth, prolonged imprisonment, and eventual death of the Minotaur, not to mention countless others, (the creature's hapless victims).

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