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Small Works...  under $1000

At some point in my career I realized that a lot of my friends could not afford my work.   Shoot, even I can't afford my work.   Most of my work is for corporations, public art programs or major private collectors.

So I began to create a series of 'smaller works' so regular people can also be collectors.  Cast using the same methods and materials as my larger sculptures.

I hope you like them...

Melancholy Frog - 2.5" tall  


Small pocket sized bronze sculptures

Pocket Pieces - 'Cosmic Cat' and 'The Sun, Moon & Stars' approximately 2" in diameter

$150 each

Honey Bee - 1.5" tall


Bronze scarab beetle sculpture by Deran Wright
Bronze scarab beetle sculpture by Deran Wright
Horned Frog, Horned Toad by Deran Wright

Scarab - 5" tall


Horned Toad or Horned Frog - 6" long


Bas-relief Eagle head by Deran Wright

Bas-relief Eagle head... often used for

commemorative plaques



Tiny Buffalo by Deran Wright
Tiny Buffalo by Deran Wright

A tiny Buffalo


Cat miniature by Deran Wright

A Waiting Game miniature

6.25" tall        $795

Reclining Cat Bronze - 6.5" long


Reclining Cat in 3D Printed Resin - 6.5" long


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